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Here is a list of dental schools for the US and Canada who have dental clinics that offer free and very affordable dental work to the public. At some schools, you may also find dental hygienists who work in the clinic as well. Hygienists enrolled in accredited dental hygiene programs work in partnership with dentists, providing affordable family dental which includes dental cleanings, at little or no cost.

Note to Canadian Residents

Using the List of Dental Schools

list of dental schools
For the United States, the list is sorted by State and, in most cases, contains a direct clinic number. It is important that you contact each school directly for information on how to become a patient of the school. The Dental Clinic Manager website does not provide information on the patient admissions process and is not a direct referral resource.

General Clinic Guidelines

Before contacting a clinic on this list of dental schools, remember the following:

  • Dental treatment is provided by students under the supervision of faculty members.
  • Only patients whose dental problems match the clinical teaching programs and who have the needed time for treatment are accepted.
  • A screening visit is often necessary to determine if your dental problems can be managed by the school's program.
  • People who have dental problems beyond the scope of dental school clinic will not be accepted as a patient. If the dental school clinic is unable to meet your needs, a referral for private care may be suggested. If this turns out to be your situation, and you do not qualify for free dental work, there are still ways to save money for dental fees.

list of dental schools
In addition to contacting a dental clinic, do your research and ask questions about the facility, including the faculty and group practice size. Ask about patient to student and faculty to student ratios. An ideal faculty to student ratio may be about 1:5. The average treatment time may also be a determinant in your decision to accept treatment at the facility. These questions, and more, should help you decide if a dental school is the best way for you to get affordable dental care for you and/or a family member.

Submit Your Comments about a Dental School Clinic

If you are accepted and decide to be treated at a dental school, the dental patient guide is a good resource to review. It outlines your rights and responsibilities as a patient, and provides helpful information to assist you handling such problems as unprofessional behavior.

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List of Dental School Clinics in the US and Canada

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